Lost and Found at Agadir Al Massira Airport: Full Guide

Lost and Found Cases at Agadir Al Massira Airport: Full Guide

Agadir Al Massira Airport is here to help when items are misplaced within the airport or
baggage issues arise. Whether inside airport, facilities inside the airplane or even with
baggage arrival problems, we’ve crafted specific steps for each situation to ensure a swift

If You Lost an Item in the Airplane or have baggage arrival problems.

Losing items or encountering baggage mishaps while traveling can be a source of stress.
However, Agadir Al Massira Airport understands the importance of reuniting passengers with
their belongings, particularly in cases involving items lost within the plane or situations
where baggage is misshaped during a flight or fails to arrive from the departure airport. With
two flight operation companies, RAM Handling, and Swissport, assisting travelers,
here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to handle lost and found cases at Agadir airport.

Step 1: Identify the Handling Company

The first crucial step is to determine which handling company is responsible for your flight
airline company (list of each company Handler). Agadir Al Massira Airport is served by two key operators: RAM Handling and Swissport. To efficiently proceed with reporting your lost item or baggage issue, you need to know which of these companies is managing your flight. After identifying your flight Handler.

Step 2: Report the Issue at the Airport

If you’ve lost an item on the plane, your baggage didn’t arrive, or you mistakenly picked up
someone else’s bag, the best thing to do is to visit the airport.
This is typically located within the terminal. Approach the dedicated Handler counter or office and
inform the staff about your situation.
Your Handler dedicated lost and found team is equipped to guide you through the process,
take down the necessary information, and initiate the search for your belongings. Be sure to
provide accurate details about the lost item, the flight, and any distinguishing features to aid
their search.

Step 3: Act Promptly

Time is of the essence when it comes to lost and found cases. If you realize you’ve lost an
item or encountered a baggage issue, don’t delay your report. Visit the flight company’s lost and found
as soon as possible to increase the chances of recovering your belongings.

Step 4: Remote Assistance

In some cases, you might have already left Agadir or even the country before realizing that an
item is missing. If you find yourself unable to return to the airport, there are two primary
actions you can take:

  1. Contact Your Airline’s Customer Service: Reach out to your airline’s customer
    service department. They can provide guidance on the next steps and potentially
    connect you with the appropriate handling company.
  2.  Reach Out to Handling Companies: Agadir Al Massira Airport’s handling
    companies, Swissport and RAM Handling, have dedicated Phone numbers to assist
    with lost and found cases:



  • Tel: +212 5 28 82 96 72/73
  • Mobile: +212 6 78 64 08 15
  • Call Center: 0890000700
  • Website: www.royalairmaroc.com

If You Lost an Item Inside Airport Facilities: Taking the Right Steps

When Unable to Visit the Airport: Remote Assistance

If a passenger loses an item inside the airport but is unable to come to the airport in person,
There are steps they can take to report the loss and initiate the search process. The following
options are available:

  • Contact Information Desk for Police Assistance: The passenger should call the
    airport’s information desk (as provided on the information desk page) and request
    assistance in connecting their call to the police department.

When at the Airport: Seeking Direct Assistance

If a passenger is physically present at the airport and has lost an item, they have the
advantage of seeking direct assistance. Here’s what to do:

  • Seek Guidance from Nearby Policeman: If you’re already at the airport, approach
    any Policeman who is stationed within the premises. They are readily available to
    assist you. By explaining your situation, the Policeman will be able to guide you to
    the appropriate channels for reporting the lost item and commencing the search

Seamlessly recovered lost items at Agadir Al Massira Airport. Our guide and collaboration with handling companies ensure a smooth process. Travel with confidence.

We value your feedback and would greatly appreciate hearing about your experience. Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments with us.

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