Everything You Need to Know About Applying for a Visa Online in Morocco

Applying For A Visa Online In Morocco 2024

Ready for a trip to Morocco? Awesome! Whether you’re planning to visit or if you just landed without a visa and got stuck at the airport, no worries! Now, there’s an easy way out – it’s called the eVisa. You can apply for it online and turn any travel hiccup into a smooth and fun adventure. Get set to explore Morocco’s cool colors, interesting culture, and friendly vibe with the super handy eVisa. Just a tip: things might change a bit, so stay tuned by checking the official website for the latest updates. Let’s make your Moroccan trip simple and awesome with the eVisa!

If you are willing to apply for an eVisa, there are some important things to know that might change over time.

What’s an eVisa?

It’s like a special permission slip that lets you come and stay in Morocco for a bit. But, it’s only for a certain time, and you get it online.

Types of eVisas:

Category A: People from certain countries (like Israel and Thailand at first) need a regular passport that’s good for at least 90 days from when they apply.

Category B: People living in specific countries (European Union, USA, Australia, Canada, etc.) need a passport valid for 90 days and a permit to stay for at least 180 days.

Category C: People with non-eVisas from certain places (like Schengen, USA, Australia, etc.) need a passport valid for 90 days, and their non-eVisa must allow multiple entries for at least 90 days from the eVisa application.

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Important Rules:

Your eVisa lasts up to 180 days from when it’s issued, and you can stay up to 30 days each time.

You can’t add up the days from different eVisas. Leave Morocco when your first eVisa time is up before getting a new one.

Fast eVisas take 24 hours, regular ones take 72 hours on Morocco’s workdays. Mistakes or missing info can cause delays.

If you’re under 18 and have an eVisa, you can only come to Morocco with a parent or legal guardian.

Remember, this info might change, so check the official website for the latest rules.

Excited about Morocco? The eVisa makes it easy. Whether you’re planning or stuck at the airport, it’s your solution. Apply online, stay tuned, and let the eVisa make your trip awesome. Morocco is waiting – it’s that easy!

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