Is there a Smoking room In Agadir AL MASSIRA Airport?

Agadir AL MASSIRA Airport is a non-smoking airport. It is though possible to smoke in

The goal for Agadir AL MASSIRA Airport is to minimize the genes for non-smokers as much as possible. At the same time, we wish to offer smoking facilities after the security. We expect therefore also to reduce the need to smoke outside the terminals before check-in.

Smoking before security

Before seciruty, it is only possible to smoke outside the terminal.

Smoking after security

Smoking area: Is Exactly located After the security check, at the international departures area, It’s just behind the first bar on the left, once you passed the passport controls. It’s an open-to-sky area where you can enjoy a cigaret and a cup of coffee with friends or family.

Images of Agadir Airport Smoking Area (Click to View full size)

the designated smoking area at Agadir Al Massira Airport is located in the boarding area, after the security checkpoint. Smoking is not allowed in any other area of the airport terminal building, including the check-in area, baggage claim area, and departure lounge. Passengers who wish to smoke must use the designated smoking area located in the boarding area. Agadir Al Massira Airport aims to provide a safe and healthy environment for all passengers, while still accommodating the needs of smokers.

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