COVID-19: Morocco No Longer Requires a Vaccine Pass or PCR

Rabat – The PCR and vaccine pass is no longer required to enter Moroccan territory, according to a statement made today by Morocco’s National Airports Office (ONDA).

September 30 2022 marks the commencement of the decision’s implementation. “As a result of the Moroccan government’s decision, Moroccan territory no longer has any [COVID-19] health entry limitations (PCR or vaccine pass) as of today.

Only the passenger’s health form needs to be correctly filled out, according to a tweet from ONDA today.

The decision was made while COVID-19 instances were declining. Morocco reported ten new infections, six recoveries, and no fatalities on Friday. In comparison to earlier months, the number of active cases is at its lowest point. There are only 118 ongoing COVID-19 instances.

Morocco’s state of emergency was renewed on Thursday, allowing authorities to adjust restrictions in response to the epidemiological situation. When the pandemic arrived in the North African nation in March 2020, Morocco declared a state of emergency. Since then, 1,264,945 cases—including 16,278 fatalities—and 1,248,549 recoveries—have been reported.